The visionary behind Journey Unlimited

Michelle Glover, CEO Journey Unlimited



Michelle Glover is an Entrepreneur, Career Coach, Visionary Leader, and a woman committed to living her life on and with purpose. Her purpose is to help individuals find theirs. She is an 18-year award-winning HR Corporate executive turned entrepreneur.

"I have a confession to make; I NEVER wanted to be an entrepreneur… EVER! I enjoyed the stability and comforts of Corporate America. But one day, I did something not defined as a textbook approach to career planning. As I was determining my next career move in Corporate America, I decided not to follow the path laid out in my development plan. Instead, I decided to go to God in prayer. I prayed that He would help me discover my purpose. And in the space of surrender, I was led to quit my job and build a company, Journey Unlimited."- Michelle

Prior to starting her business, Michelle spent 12 years working for Siemens Corporation in various fields of human resources to include consulting, strategy, coaching, and leadership development. She received multiple awards for her leadership on company-wide initiatives, including serving as the Change Management Lead for one of the biggest restructures in company history. In 2015, she took a leap of faith and started her company, Journey Unlimited, with the goal of helping professionals align their purpose with the careers.


Michelle has devised her own Purpose to Results coaching model which views clients holistically by addressing their personal and professional well-being for career visioning and advancement.  Michelle blends her spiritual gift of encouragement and leverages her years of corporate experience in leadership development, change management, and training to help her clients design innovative career strategies to create and realize their career vision.

"Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free."

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CEO, Journey Unlimited


"I formed Journey Unlimited to help people take control of their lives and take the necessary steps to walk along their unique career paths. I desire for my clients to live their careers on purpose. As CEO of Journey Unlimited, I bring a blend of head (action) and heart (encouragement), accountability and support, and my corporate expertise and Christian faith to the career conversation to help you realize your purpose in the workplace."


I work with people from all religious backgrounds. My own Christian faith is an important part of my story, and I acknowledge that the spiritual side of a person is critically relevant to how life is lived. My perspective is that God creates each person with unique talents and gifts that should be celebrated!  I take a holistic approach to coaching to help my clients incorporate their personal, spiritual, and professional goals to live their career for a purpose. I believe when you live your values, use your strengths, live who you are by design, life and work are more fulfilling.

Christian Faith


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Business


Master of Human Resources


Professional Life Coach


Total Strengths Deployment Inventory Facilitator

StrengthsFinders Facilitator

DISC Facilitator

Expert Meeting Facilitator/ Emcee

Career Direct Assessment Consultant

Executive Coach

Expert on Change Management and Transitional Management

Human Capital Strategist