Today's Coffee & Career Conversation: It's OK to have a Hobby without turning it into a side hustle!

And the question of the day: Do I need to include my side hustle on my resume? I can't even recap this video, you just need to watch it.

Today's Coffee & Career Conversation is the Beyond the Business Suit podcast with Kaieli Carr!! Michelle Glover, CEO of Journey Unlimited, shares how you can fulfill your purpose at work. During this great conversation Michelle dispels the myth that you have to live ou...

It's January 15th!  We're halfway through the first month in 2020!  YES!  And I could not think of a better Coffee & Career Conversation than this- Celebrate the Milestones!  It's never too early (or too late) to celebrate your short-term wins.

Business o...

BONUS Coffee & Career Conversation! Did you know that January 11th is National Vision Board Day?!

I’m often asked my perspective on Vision Boards. Check out this flashback video to hear my perspective and tips on effective vision boarding.  You’ll receive tips on the...

This Week's Coffee & Careers Conversation: What is your professional legacy?

Imagine being at your own retirement party (Yay). And people are standing up to say comments about you, your performance, and how you treated others.

Now, picture what they are saying. Each day...

This week's session was inspired by my 6-year nephew. During the holidays him and I played Pokemon battle... A LOT. During one of our fight scenes, he says, "Auntie pretend that you think you've defeated me and then I come back and win." And of course I obliged. Then i...

Today's Coffee & Careers Conversation: Mastering the Career Pivot.

A Career Pivot is an intentional shift in one’s career direction. Are you looking to change career industries or career functions? Then this video is for you. It's time to work- grab a pen and notepad an...

Today's Coffee & Careers Conversation! If you are not satisfied with your job and think entrepreneurship in the answer, then you definitely need to tune in!

Before making a step to entrepreneurship, ask yourself these questions:
- Are you running from something or to s...

When was the last time you invested in your professional development? Last month? Last year? Last decade? The amount of time professionals spends in their learning decreases significantly after completing formal education. This lack of continuing education and skill de...

"If the devil can't make you bad, he makes you busy." Pastor Adrian Rogers
How is busyness robbing you of living in your vision, walking in your purpose, or achieving your goals?  
The day-to-day tasks of work, business, and life’s distractions can get in the way of yo...

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