Learn the Value of Celebrating Successes!

It's January 15th! We're halfway through the first month in 2020! YES! And I could not think of a better Coffee & Career Conversation than this- Celebrate the Milestones! It's never too early (or too late) to celebrate your short-term wins.

Business owners, leaders, and individual contributors, this message applies to ALL. When you created your goals business, career, or personal goals, did you factor in milestones to celebrate your short-term wins? Celebrating Short-term wins help -Build momentum, morale, and support. -Eliminate change resistors (even if your resistance is internal). -Show evidence that the sacrifices are worth it! Homework Assignment: Revisit your business, career, or personal goals! - Define what success will look like. - What milestones/check-ins can you build into goals - What visible changes do you expect to see at these milestones? - And how will you CELEBRATE these short-term wins? I would love to hear from you! Share your successes/victories at info@journeyunlimited.com!

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