Every Hero Gets Knocked Down

This week's session was inspired by my 6-year nephew. During the holidays him and I played Pokemon battle... A LOT. During one of our fight scenes, he says, "Auntie pretend that you think you've defeated me and then I come back and win." And of course I obliged. Then it had me thinking, at 6 years old my nephew understands the every good guy (or girl) will get knocked down in battle. But the win happens when they get back up.

Now let's talk about what that means for you going into 2020. It's one thing to have goals or vision written down for your year- that's step 1. But equally important is creating the mindset you'll need to accomplish those goals- that's step 2. I encourage you to have a mentality to fight like the good guy in the battle. Every hero knows when you get knocked down, you always get back up. If you have the mentality that you've won, then you've won!

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