Moving From Busyness to Centeredness

Today's Coffee & Career Conversation: Busyness vs. Centeredness! Let's continue the conversation on loving your to-do list. I had to pull out this oldie but goodie for today's Coffee & Career Conversation. - Busyness vs. Centeredness

"If the devil can't make you bad, he makes you busy." Pastor Adrian Rogers How is busyness robbing you of living in your vision, walking in your purpose, or achieving your goals?

The day-to-day tasks of work, business, and life’s distractions can get in the way of you living out your vision, walking in your purpose, and achieving the goals you've set for yourself. But you have the choice. You can continue to stay on the hamster wheel of busyness or you can choose to live focused, intentional, and centered. First, you'll need to define your core! What is at the center of your life for your vision, values, and goals. That is what is going to anchor your life and your activities.

Next, look at all the activities you're currently doing to evaluate the alignment of these tasks with your vision. Make a comprehensive list. Then ask yourself the following questions: - What activities do you need to continue to do because they align with your core? - What activities are important to get done but that you can delegate to someone else to do? - What activities do you need to stop doing all together?

The goal is to be intentional about your activities. God has placed in your spirit something only you can do- it's your purpose. But you cannot hear Him or walk in your purpose if you continue to live in the chaos of busyness.

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