How to Turn Crisis to COVID

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has quickly impacted the way we learn, work, and live. Educators have quickly pivoted to virtual learning platforms. Business owners have shifted operations to comply with social distancing requirements while servicing customers and keeping employees safe and employed. And now the world is trying to remain socially connected while socially distant. To say we're in crisis mode as a nation, and world, is an understatement.

Being in a state of crisis can either immobilize you with worry or mobilize you to action. Where are you in the spectrum- immobilized with worry or mobilized to action? Even in times of uncertainty, you can use it as an opportunity to create and innovate. Derrick "D-Nice" Jones epitomizes creating an opportunity in the midst of crisis through his #ClubQuarantine Instagram Live. He went live on Instagram dj-ing live for up to nine hours! This online party drew more than 100,000 viewers including former First Lady Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, Will Smith, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, and even me, Michelle Glover. So yes, one can say I was partying it up with A-list celebrities. Others have taken this opportunity to start writing the book they've been putting off for years, updating their LinkedIn profiles and resumes, focusing on their professional development by taking online classes and webinars, and the list goes on. So, the question is, what will you do?

How can you take this time to create opportunities via innovation?

Determination? Yes, in addition to being innovative, there's also a level of grit and determination you'll need to actually execute your ideas. Social media, news outlets, and just the topic of conversation is fixated on COVID-19. Being inundated with negative messaging 24x7 can leave you in a constant state of worry. This can cause you to not only become obsessed with the news but it can also stifle creativity and action. It is important to be informed about what is happening in the world but you also need to balance information with inspiration. You will need to know when to turn off the media and focus on what inspires you. Imagine a cup filled with positive messaging, your goals, your energy, and your passions. Each time you are consumed with negative messaging, it drains your cup. Wasting productive time- pour out. Worrying- pour out. Letting others drain your energy- pour out. Not taking action towards your goals- pour out. By the end of the day, your cup can be empty. It is up to you to do a daily assessment to determine if your cup empty or full. Then, you can create activities to fill back up your cup.

What negative messaging is draining your cup? What positive messaging and activities can you do to fill back up your cup?

Right now, you may feel out of control on what is happening around you. When will kids be back in school? When will this curve flatten out? When will things be back to "normal?" You cannot control what will happen but you can control how you respond to it and what you do in the meantime. How can you Create Opportunities Via Innovation & Determination?

About the Author: Michelle Glover, CEO of Journey Unlimited, is a talented human resource professional with over 15 years of experience in leadership, coaching, change management, and HR strategy. Known for her creativity and strategic thinking, Michelle knows how to create innovative strategies to help individuals and companies achieve their goals. She has devised her own coaching model dubbed “Purpose to Results” coaching. This strategy views a client holistically. She doesn't focus exclusively on goals and creating career plans. Instead, she pays attention to a client’s spiritual, physical, and general mental health to create a solution for the client's overall well-being.

“Our goal is to help you achieve yours!”-Journey Unlimited

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