Quick Tips Surviving Video Conference Fatigue

Quick Tips Surviving Video Conference Fatigue

  • Avoid scheduling back to back video conference calls. Include a break between calls to give you time to get up, stretch, get other tasks done, and to give your mind a break from the video stimulation.

  • Do Not schedule video calls that last longer than 2 hours. Let’s be honest, regular meetings over 2 hours can be draining.

  • Do Not stress out when your life gets in the middle of your zoom call. Interruption from kids, babies crying, dogs barking, and the list goes on, has become the new norm as we integrate life and work. Ask for grace from your colleagues and extend grace to them as well.

  • It’s okay to have a mix of audio only calls and video zooms.

  • Ask yourself, can this meeting be an email instead.

  • Create a space designated for video conferencing. (This way only part of your house needs to be “company ready”- You’re Welcome 😊)

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