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Happy Man

Quality Manager

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful class and experience.  As I discussed with you yesterday I already have plans for discussion with my group this week to be transparent with not only my scores but with what the entire experience was like and the positive reviews I have. ”

Happy Girl Texting

VP, General Counsel

“You did a wonderful job maneuvering through the agenda and subject matter in a way that really brought out the best of everybody in the room. Thank you for doing so with such grace and efficacy!”

Happy Man

Director, Finance

“I just wanted to drop you a note that I thought the training session was very effective.  A lot of times these types of meetings are hard to sit through but I found the sessions engaging and the information provided to me about me very useful.”

Happy Senior Woman

Internet Sales Director

“I left your session feeling so empowered! I gained SO MUCH information and knowledge that was life changing for me! Thank you!”

“I attended a networking event hosted by Michelle Glover with Journey Unlimited. The purpose of the event was three fold, to give practical tips and tricks to effective networking , strategically plan out how to grow your network and why, and to immediately put those tips to work that evening, meeting people, exchanging business cards and networking.


In true Michelle fashion we also had homework.
During the session I knew exactly who I needed to reach out to, I’d been procrastinating and when I [applied the homework given during the networking session] I was given the opportunity to do some networking with key people in the fashion industry.

[As a result] I had the opportunity to work with her for a fashion show. It was a blessing and a dream come true. I’m so glad I took the time to get out of my comfort zone, and take advantage of an opportunity to establish a new relationship. The networking session was informative and motivating and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to expand my network.”

K. Holmes

“Michelle Glover is an engaging and dynamic presenter. She created thought-provoking insight for the audience as she engaged them to think bigger and identify resources, people, tools and finances needed to accomplish dreams at an entrepreneurial conference for moms I attended. Michelle is refreshingly unapologetic about her faith and the role faith plays in using your God-given gifts to accomplish your God-given dreams. If you’re looking for a speaker who connects faith with life and career goals, Michelle Glover is the woman to hire!”

Monique R.

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Jennifer, South Carolina

“My journey with Michelle has truly been a humbling experience.  With her guidance, I have been able to reach levels of personal and professional growth that I never thought I would reach.”

Sandra,  Illinois

“I would highly recommend Michelle Glover as a coach, her compassion to help her client succeed is evident by the thought provoking questions she asks. She has an abundance of wisdom which translates through her overall coaching skills. Her follow up is another way that shows her true concern for her client’s success in achieving their endeavors.”

Leah, Georgia

“Michelle Glover was a fabulous consultant.  She was enthusiastic and put me at ease. She walked me through the assessment results and helped me put them in perspective of my goals. I enjoyed working with her and feel that this process will be beneficial in helping me reach my goals.”

Aysha T, Georgia

“Michelle was very inspirational in my new journey as author, speaker , coach – I reached out to Michelle for direction and accountability but gained much more. She is very good out pulling out your thoughts to create and develop a strategy to implement to ensure success in the journey!.”

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I was feeling hopeless and discouraged that I would never know what I wanted to do now that my kids are both in school.  When I first started with Michelle I had been going to counseling for a year and was not making traction at all. 


I was desperate but felt worthless and tired. I wanted to try once more so I reached out to Michelle. She built my confidence in who I was.  {She] pulled out my strengths and believed in me.  I still had to do the work but she equipped me with the right tools. Instead of looking at all the things I do poorly she focused on my strengths and built them up.  In going to counseling I just focused on my past and how I could fix it.  [Michelle] came from a different angle which is exactly what I needed to get me unstuck and believe in myself again. 


 I went from, I have no clue what I want to do to becoming an assistant manager of a bridal shop in 8 months after working with Michelle. Praise God as He was at work through this all.  I am ready to take on challenges because of what Michelle has given me.  I am forever grateful for Michelle.  If you are questioning should I or is it worth my time and money do it... it is worth it!!!

Teresa, Florida 

I know that God led me to Michelle.  She was exactly the coach I needed. She was a cheerleader when I needed encouragement and a gentle guide when I needed some course correction.  She delivered exactly what I asked for, and enabled me to meet my desired launch date for my coaching business.  Her journaling assignments were perfectly timed and helped me stay connected to God and to “my why” along the way.

Kim J. – Missouri 

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